Open Your Eyes Wide to the Heroes Beside

Can you spot a hero? We work beside them. They are every where but often blind to the fact that they make such a difference.

Heroic people rarely stand at the front of a hall hearing applause. They are watching reruns at night along rocking a colicky baby. They are in a hospital room reading a book to a sick friend. They are all over schools.

Heroes in the schoolhouse.

The teachers

You. Yes, you. You are misunderstood. Yet you show up to work every day with a smile on your face. You have love in your heart. You have a burning desire to improve the lives of children. Hero.

The janitor

You. Yes, you. The quiet janitor who mops up the mess in the halls.  Your meticulous, thankless job probably saves hundreds of illnesses a year. Maybe even a few lives. Hero.

School Secretary

You. Yes, you. You are kind even when you're tired. You sort life changing messages from the distractions. You buffer administrators and teachers so they can do their job. Hero.


You. Yes, you. You make that deposit faithfully knowing your own bank account is painfully empty. Maybe some think it is not heroic just to be honest. Heroes do the right thing when no one is looking. Hero.

IT Staff

You. Yes, you. You could leave early some days but choose to do that maintenance that no one knows about. No one understands what you do. You do the right thing anyway. Hero.

Media Specialist

You. Yes, you.  There are children who love to read today because you took the time to help them find the perfect book. Hero.

Lunchroom Staff

You. Yes, you. The lunchroom staff who make good food. You take the long way because it tastes better. Your job, when done well, can save thousands of pounds of fat. Maybe a few lives as well.  Hero.

School Nurse

You. Yes you. The school nurse who hugs the crying child who just got sick. You decide to be personal and close knowing that you might be exposed to something, just because that child needs love. Hero.


You. Yes you. The administrator who is pounded on multiple times a day. You still make time to hi-5 kids in the hall. You find encouragement to give others even though you get far too little yourself. Hero.

Is everyone a hero?

No. There is a difference between having a job and doing a job well. The difference between just being here and being a hero is the "O!" The extra. 

Just because you work in a school doesn't mean you're a hero. You just have a lot of potential to be one.

Thank the heroes.

O! They struggle with depression, recession and the exhaustion of obsession like everyone else. 

That's because the price of a being a hero is everything. Everything you've got and some you don't. O! Because that is what heroes do… they give all they have in a cause worth giving it for. 

O! Heroes get tired... bone tired. They wonder if they matter. They cry because they feel like a failure. They wonder if all the things they give up are worth it.  They ask themselves if they should just quietly go live on Walden pond alone.


You. Hey you. You reading this. Open your eyes wide to the heroes beside. 

Your thanks and words may just be all that is standing between a hero and the abyss. The recognition of heroes is probably the quickest path to being one yourself.

Be a hero.

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