Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 03/03/2013

  • A cool app that helps you sign documents in gmail without having to export and sign and scan. I have a Flat Classroom project manager, Theresa Allen, who showed me this handy app. 

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  • This is a call out specifically to my friends out there in the Atlanta area or anywhere in Georgia to put in for a poster session at Georgia Tech's conference about the Foundations for the future. I wish I could get away but am a bit tied up at school right now. Here's the information and link: "Foundations for the Future (F3), a K-12 outreach and research program at Georgia Tech Research Institute, knows that Georgia teachers are using technology in amazing ways to inspire and engage students. One of the most frequent comments we hear is that it is difficult for educators to know what's working for other educators because there is so much going on, not everyone can afford to attend conferences, and access to technology is inconsistent across the state. We want to honor and highlight teachers and their projects. What better way to get inspired than through a fellow colleague! What better way to meet other passionate educators and share your experiences! F3 is hosting the 2013 F3 Educator Showcase during our May Explorers Guild meeting. The showcase will include a panel discussion along with a poster session. If you are interested in applying for the poster session, all you need to do is follow the guidelines below. Posters will be chosen by a selection committee of F3 partners and Georgia Tech colleagues. Chosen posters will be printed for participants so that after the event they can take the posters back to their school to continue highlighting the good work taking place there! This event helps support F3’s mission to help acquire and leverage instructional technology resources for Georgia’s classrooms, schools, and districts, share best practices, and establish a community of learners. We look forward to your submissions and can't wait to see you all at the event in May!   Guidelines for Poster Abstract Submission: Title: Accurately and concisely present your idea in 15 words or less Abstract: In 350 words or less, tell us about how using technology has impacted your classroom. Who was the audience? What technology did you use? What approach was taken? etc.   That's it! Nothing to it! It’s time to step up and share your creativity and innovation with your peers from across the state! Once poster abstracts are selected, we will send out notifications so that you can start creating your posters! We will make templates available in Microsoft PowerPoint and in Keynote. We will supply all printed posters, easels, etc. We just need you!"

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  • While I don't know anything about this "Kwik" method of learning, I do totally agree with one thing he says. IF we're going to require kids to remember, "there's no class called 'remembering.'" We teach kids what to learn but not how to learn. As I listen to this video and read Timothy Ferris' book "the 4 hour chef" I realize that we've not honed in on the art of learning as much as we need to. I'm not sure that memorizing numbers is hugely important but if we can apply this to learning other things, that would be great -- learning the 100 most used words in a new language, for example, how could we benefit if kids could quickly learn that in the first week to get started.

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  • This is an excellent example of a passion based or personal interest project. Riya is the daughter of a prominent pediatrician and wants to be one herself. She's been making videos since Fall of 2011 for her Pediatric Video channel on Youtube. Her CAT Scan machine video has received over 40,000 views. Wow!

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  • Had a great conversation a few weeks a go with Don Wettrick and his students. They filmed via Skype and my students got a chance to share what they learn and about my classroom. I enjoyed the conversation and have to admit that my students were quite jealous of the recording studio Don has. I met Don at the Microsoft Innovative Educators conference in Seattle. He's a great teacher and teaches with video.

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  • A collection of resources about QR Codes on Pinterest. Lots of great ideas.

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  • Very interesting flipping classroom assignment app called Knowmania. They have a homework assignment tool coming soon. I think this is a fascinating tool and there are many lessons to choose from. Right now I don't see any pricing, but am looking into what model they are using to sustain themselves. Looks like a powerful flipping tool, particularly for homework.

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