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  • If you want to collaborate and do something globally but just have one or two days and have no budget, a sounding board for one of the Flat Classroom projects is a great way to get started. This is the website where we have information on what sounding boards do and how you can sign up now. The window of opportunity for this semester is closing so if you're interested, sign up now. "A Sounding Board is a classroom that reviews the collaborative wiki pages created by students in the Flat Classroom Project. Sounding Board classrooms are not part of this project in other ways, they come in specifically to review collaborative wikis and provide feedback to participating classrooms and students. They can be classes from typically Grade 6 and older. Sounding Board classrooms will sign up to give feedback to assigned Topic / Wiki teams as shown on the HomePage. The amount of time it will take to peer review will depend on the experience the class has with online global collaborations. Students will need to carefully review material posted on the wiki (including watching the videos or presentations associated with that group) and then provide thoughtful feedback using the linked Peer Evaluation Criteria. More details can be found on the Sounding Board wiki of the project you are applying for. The current project is FCP13-1. See further instructions and method at http://fcp13-1.flatclassroomproject.org/Sounding_Boards More information about Flat Classroom Projects can be found at http://flatclassroomproject.net"

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  • A great website to help you find native speakers and connect with others who speak the language. You can join live classes and also connect with others. 

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  • An interesting project. "Circling the globe from east to west, urban or rural, we each live in a unique community. What can we learn from our area, from our varied citizens or natural resources? This standards based project seeks to tap into the creative nature of students as they look at their community with new eyes and explore ways to share their findings with others using videoconferencing and technology as a resource."

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  • A new website is getting ready to launch that is sort of like a groupon for educational supplies and products. If you sign up right now you can receive a $15 educents gift card when they launch April 2. Wanted you to know.

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