Passion Based Learning in My Classroom: An interview with me and my students [YouTube]

It was great to talk to +Don Wettrick  and his students at the FOCUS show - "Finding Outstanding Classrooms Using Skype" - they use Skype to interview classrooms doing cool things.

In this interview, some of my students talk about their amazing personal interest projects including:

  • Apps for Autism @apps_for_autism
  • Miss Sweet Teeth @MissSweetTeeth 
  • MedTech For Tots (a youtube channel to help kids not be afraid of going to the doctor - she has a CAT scan video she made in 2012 that has over 40,000 views. Her little brother is her patient and her dad (a local pediatrician) is the videographer and supervising her at all times)
Thanks to Don for a chance to talk to him and for the lovely job his students did of editing. HE took the broadcast room and has made it into a place where they film shows from a distance using Skype. If you have a broadcast room, you should look at his setup because you could do something like this.

I met Don at the MSIEF - Microsoft Innovative Educators Forum in Seattle this past July. If you get a chance to compete, it is a wonderful program and you can use some Microsoft products but can be using other things as well. (The global competition was in Prague this year and I heard the closing ceremonies were in a castle. Wow. I've been to the one in South Africa and it was a first rate event. I highly recommend the time and effort to compete. I was a judge and the rubric is first rate, and interestly, has no rating system for Microsoft products in it.)

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