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Great teachers attract their students to today’s topic of learning like a 3-year old boy to a mud puddle. Hooking students into a lesson is part of our essential craft of teaching. In my opinion, this artisanal craft of “hooking in” or “engaging” our students into a topic is best captured in Dave Burgess’ best-selling book, Teach Like a Pirate.

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This book (called #tlap by those who follow its guidelines) is like an overstuffed tackle box for teachers full of useful tools, ideas, and tips for engaging kids and staging exciting experiences.

In today’s show, Dave and I discuss:

  • Some of the craziest things Dave has done to engage students
  • Why Dave decided he had to be different as a teacher
  • How Dave feels about leaving the classroom
  • What Dave would do differently if he was in the classroom now
  • A Monday Morning motivational “pep talk” for teachers that will REV YOU UP for your week of teaching
Dave is giving away books to 3 (three) lucky reviewers of this show! The winners will pick from all 22 of the books from Dave Burgess consulting! See the list below. Wow! Thanks, Dave.

All you need to do is head over to leave a review on iTunes and just include your Twitter or Instagram handle so we can reach you. 

I hope you enjoy this episode with Dave!

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Want to hear another author of one of Dave Burgess’ published books. Michael Matera talks about how to gamify your classroom in Explore Like a Pirate(One of the books you could win if you enter the contest today.)

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Full Bio

Dave BurgessDave Burgess

Dave Burgess is the New York Times Best-Selling author of Teach Like a PIRATE, co-author of P is for PIRATE, and the president of Dave Burgess Consulting, Inc. which delivers powerful, inspirational, and innovative books, keynotes, and professional development.

He specializes in teaching hard-to-reach, hard-to-motivate students with techniques that incorporate showmanship and creativity.  At a recent ceremony in Washington, D.C., he was awarded the BAMMY for Secondary School Teacher of the Year by the Academy of Education Arts and Sciences.

Dave delivers the ultimate professional development experience for your teachers that is perfect for all circumstances from truly inspirational opening keynotes to full-day hands-on workshops.  It is a high-energy, interactive, and entertaining experience that will leave your staff unbelievably inspired, motivated, and with the practical skills to dramatically increase student engagement.

His presentations are a unique blend of outrageously energetic performance art and magic, mixed with an inspirational message of how and why to become more passionate in the classroom. All techniques and methods are modeled and fully explained so as to leave no doubt about how to apply the methods in the real-world. Participants will leave with a tool-box full of dynamic presentational ideas that they can immediately use to improve their lessons.

As a teacher in San Diego, California, he was a 2001 and 2012 Golden Apple winner in the Grossmont Union High School District and the 2007-2008 Teacher of the Year at West Hills High School. He was voted a faculty standout for 17 consecutive years in categories such as Most Entertaining, Most Energetic, and Most Dramatic.

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