The Heartwarming Story Behind the Viral Video and Principal Tim Hadley’s Stand Against Bullying

10MT Episode #14 A Positive Way to Stand Against Bullying

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Bullying is so hard to handle. Often it is difficult to know what to do. Is it true? Was the student who is upset just overly sensitive? And then, those who do the bullying are often in the majority and “close ranks” so it can be almost impossible to get at the behavior. That is why Principal Tim Hadley’s (@MrHadleyHistory) stand against bullying by shaving his head is so remarkable. His unique solution changed the conversation at his school, showing us that we educators really do have an opportunity to change the conversation.

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Whether we realize it or not, the toughest situations are the canvas upon which we can paint the most vivid positive memories of how to live life. Today, for Thought Leader Thursday, let’s  think about how we can use unconventional responses to the most difficult problems we face at school.

Tim Hadley is the principal at Pekin CSD Middle School in Packwood, Iowa. When a little boy, Jackston, came to school with a bald head in support of his grandfather with cancer and was picked on, Mr. Hadley’s unconventional solution has gone viral, and rightly so. Our ACTIONS often have more power than our WORDS.  This is one of those episodes you’ll want to share just because it hits at the heart of who we are as educators.

We have thousands of examples of how NOT to handle bullying. Well, today, here’s a masterful example of what TO do.

In this episode we cover…

  • What happened when Tim got a call at home from a parent about bullying
  • The creative way Tim decided to solve the problem
  • The positive response from the student and parent
  • How students are sorry for behavior and positive conversations have started
  • Tim’s thoughts on handling bullying and what really works

I hope you enjoy this episode with Tim!

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I found the raw, unedited video so you can see exactly what happened. There are other “polished” versions on Inside Edition, etc. but I wanted you to see it as it was. Just watch the beginning until the head shaving. I just think that the speech he gives about supporting one another and being a family is one every school should have and aspire to have.

Full Bio

Tim Hadley

Tim Hadley is the current junior high and high school principal at Pekin Community Schools in Packwood, Iowa. Mr. Hadley has a passion for motivating all students to achieve the best they are capable of in all areas of life and education. He and his wife, Bethany, a Math teacher, reside in Ollie, Iowa with their two children.

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