Digital Learning Day: Social Media PD Best Practices #DLDay

10MT | #19: 10-Minute Teacher Interview with Researcher Laura Pasquini

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Leaders don’t play king of the hill, they make a bigger hill. Today is Digital Learning Day. This is a day for leaders and learners to level up digital learning. For no organization, group, or community can survive on status quo. As humans, we all lead for a season. And everything we do is either growing or rotting. Decaying or reinvigorating. These truisms are valid for the flowers and the fruit trees and also for the fragrant pollination of ideas happening at the digital water coolers satiating the learning thirst of digital scholars tap tap tapping at keys and pressing send on their smartphones.

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Get out there and break up your status quo. If you’re a digital leader, ask yourself:

  • How are we archiving resources?
  • How are we nurturing new leadership and longevity?
  • Are we welcoming to beginners?

For Thought Leader Thursday today, social media researcher Laura Pasquini explains three defining aspects of effective social media powered professional development. In today’s show, we’ll discuss:

  1. The impact of “watercooler” pd online
  2. Best practices for hashtag maintenance and open learning
  3. The lessons learned from effective social media PD
This story is intriguing because so many still define PD the same old way. If we can upgrade our knowledge based on current research, we can not only create better professional development opportunities for teachers, but we can become better online participants. There is no doubt that community organizing has moved online in the education world. Many amazing people chat, catalog and archive, and maintain thriving social media “water coolers” from around the web.
I hope you enjoy this episode with Laura!

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Full Bio

Laura Pasquini

Laura A. Pasquini @laurapasquini is the Department of Learning Technologies in the College of Information at the University of North Texas in Denton, TX and a Researcher with The Digital Learning and Social Media Research Group at Royal Roads University in Victoria, BC. Her practioner-scholar work examines digital and open practices, specifically how social technologies impact and influence professional organizations, professional learning/development, and networked communities of practice.

Laura hosts two podcasts. Check them out:

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