The Lemonade War that Motivated a Whole School to Read

10MT | #18 A 10-Minute Teacher Interview with Principal Ryan Kaczmark

From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis

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When I called Principal Ryan Kaczmark @rkaczmark, he bubbled over with excitement from the Lemonade Wars experience. This elementary school-wide reading project is a sizzling combination of reading, parent relations, community service, school spirit, communications, and social media savvy.

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We were going to talk about technology or school design or something else. But I’m happy that he talked about the Lemonade Wars and raising money for Mike’s Lemonade stand to help childhood cancer and everything that had just happened. I had to let him tell his story.

So, today’s Wonderful Wednesday with Ryan Kaczmark sounds more like a phone call between an excited educator (Ryan) and a curious one (me) than a “show.” But that’s OK.

The 10-Minute Teacher is a journey into what’s happening in schools now and you get a cool project for today’s show.

Today, Ryan shares:

  • The story of a literacy project turned community service
  • The joy of learning and helping others
  • How he used social media to spur on excitement
  • The power of having a fantastic team of teachers on your staff
  • The positive community response you get when you use social media for good.

Enjoy today’s show with Ryan!

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Full Bio

Ryan Kaczmark

The principal of Mercersburg and Montgomery Elementary school in the Tuscarora School District. Father of Alex (9) and Macie (4). Wife Courtney, who is currently a 3-5 Stem teacher. I am a former special education teacher and middle school math teacher.

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