Beth Kanter -- Taking Blogging to Cambodia on Wow2 tonight

I'm so excited about Beth Kanter being on Wow2 tonight! It is going to be a treat. Beth is not only an expert at Web 2.0 nonprofit fundraising on the Internet (we'll talk about that too) but recently returned from a trip to Cambodia to teach 18-24 year olds how to blog in order to give them a voice.

Wow! It is almost like teaching someone how to speak.

Beth is what I call "a crossroads blogger" -- she is a person that knows many people in different "sections" of the blogosphere and I'm so excited about learning from her tonight.

We're on at 9 pm EST at

Here is information on Beth:

My Blog: Beth's Blog
My Wiki Portfolio: Beth Kanter
My Blog Posts about the Journey
Notes from the Real World - guest post from Read/Write Web
My Cambodian Bloggers Summit Campaign Page
Instructional Materials for the Conference (prepared by me and others)
My fundraising campaign to send a young Cambodian woman to college!

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