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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Free: My Atomic Learning Workshop on Web 2.0 for November Only

OK, I'm really excited about this. The Web 2.0 workshop that I created for Atomic Learning is FREE for the month of November only!

This is a great service to education and I appreciate Atomic's willingness to make this free.

Contents of the Web 2.0 workshop
  • Web 2.0 terminology
  • Blog basics (like what it is, how to read a blog, how to comment, how to find a license)
  • Wiki basics (what is a wiki, parts of a wiki)
  • Podcast basics (what is a podcast, how to listen to a podcast)
  • Webcast Basics (how to listen to a webcast)
  • Social Networking Basics (how to navigate them)
  • Tags and Tag Clouds - Uses of tags
  • How to set up an RSS Reader (using Netvibes) -- this is important
  • How to communicate with a group using Netvibes
  • And a MUST-SEE for Principals --- customized searches on Google, Youtube, photographs, etc.
The great thing about Atomic Learning is that it is built upon little short movie clips so you may just go into the tutorial and look at a few of the items that will help you.

Thanks, Atomic Learning. And thank you for asking me to contribute. It has been an honor!

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