Cool Tool: Wiffiti

Just playing with something new.

Thanks to Willem Karssenberg (Trendmatcher in the Netherlands (Hey, Willem, your post did go through to wiffiti!)

It has been up and down all day, however, when it is up, the text messages go live within moments.

How to use it:

I've been playing with it. First, you DO NOT NEED to sign up for an account!

1) Text the word name and the username you want to 25622

Eg. I typed in 25622 and send message, my message was "name coolcatteacher"

2) Write on my wiffiti board

eg. I typed in 25622 and send message, my message was "@coolcatteacher I learned green screen from dean this week"

Now, you try! Go in and write whatever you've learned this week in technology from your cell phone!

What I like about this:
1) You can rate it
2) It has a built in content manager
3) I can delete messages I don't want.
4) I have the option to just take messages from my "friends" -- so you could have a class wiffiti board.

What I want: the ability to have a screen for each class to text in the best thing they learned that day. I'd like to embed it in my wiki.

Cool tool! If I like it, I may embed the thumbnail on my blog.

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