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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Elluminate Live Lite for Free

My inbox is filling up with companies letting me know what educators are getting, some I had missed. (Also, a few have told me they'll be announcing ad-free sites in the next week, but I cannot share it yet. I will when I can.)

Here is a biggie...

Free Unlimited Use of Virtual Conferencing With Elluminate
October 2, 2007 Press Release

Details of the arrangement are on Elluminate's website. But you can sign up to use this service immediately. If you are doing collaborative projects, this is a must do. For Flat classroom we have weekly meetings in elluminate that we record and share with the others. This is an incredible service!

What are the details?

What You Get ...
  • Unlimited access of Elluminate Live! Lite Edition for one year, with full-duplex audio, shared whiteboard, chat, math symbol library, graphing calculator, advanced moderator tools, and much more.
  • Free Elluminate Plug-in for your favorite Learning Management System
What You Can Do ...
  • Launch synchronous sessions directly from Blackboard or Moodle
  • Add live interaction, dynamic discussion
  • Keep participants engaged in learning
  • Invite remote guest speakers
  • Connect online and onsite participants
  • Facilitate creation of online communities
  • Create, list, and modify scheduled classrooms
What's Next...
I love Elluminate. It is the synchronous piece of Flat Classroom with wikispaces and ning providing the asynchronous portion.

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