Update on Moray and a Commentary on Connections

On November 1st, I blogged about Moray in South Africa who needed to connect with some people who could help her!

Well, my good friend Karyn Romeis (from the UK) had some contacts and this is the message I received today from Moray. (With names taken out.)

Dear Vicki

Thank you so much for helping me out. I have been put in touch with **name removed** who lives in Pietermaritzburg, about an hour’s drive from Durban, where I live. [She] was so accommodating and had material that I have been able to use and adapt to our special circumstances. We are getting along like a house on fire and should have everything completed by the end of this week. Something that initially looked like an insurmountable obstacle has suddenly become achievable. [She] also runs a marvelous phonics programme which I have discussed with our remedial teacher. We shall probably introduce something similar in the New Year. We have been given so many wonderful ideas and plenty of inspiration.

Thank you once again for responding to my desperate plea. I am ever so grateful and should you ever think of visiting this part of the world, be assured that you will always be most welcome.

When I corresponded with Moray asking for permission to use an excerpt from her e-mail, she said that the connection went from me to the UK, to elsewhere in South Africa until her contact was made.

What an exciting thing to happen! They are getting along like a "house on fire." Sounds like Julie and I doesn't it.

There is no "right" way to make a connection. Whether it is networking at edtechtalk or K12online or asking a blogger or joining Taking iT Global (which I highly recommend) make your connection and talk to others. Connect. Communicate. Share your vision, goal and objectives for your corner of the edusphere.

If you're a blogger, use your power for good. (And it is a great power, one which we are just beginning to understand.)

Isn't this exciting?

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