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Thursday, November 08, 2007

I need answer's: What will the home of the future look like?

My Dad has always been into technology, and is the reason I fell in love with technology before I hit double digits.

He is taking me to a cool meeting today at 3 pm EST to discuss the fundamental question:

"What will the house of the future REALLY look like?"

This group has grant money and are looking to build the house that we need to have in 10 years TODAY!

The focus is energy efficiency and technology. The reason I'm going is to talk about the student of the future AND the content creator of the future (which I feel like a lot of us are living now.)

If you post a comment in the next hour, I'll get it. Otherwise, you can direct message me at coolcatteacher on twitter. (Just sign into Twitter and type dm coolcatteacher and then your thoughts.) It will then text it to my cell phone.

I want to demonstrate to the others just how connected we are and how things are working now with your answers on my cell.


(Oh, and if you come across this later, still leave your message, I'll forward it to the group. Doesn't this grant sound too good to be true? I wish it was my house they were building!?)

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