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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

View a student made interactive video using Asterpix

I want to know how this student on Flat Classroom made this video. It has links within it and an interactive survey at the end.

These students often make me say, hmmm How did they do that? I particularly like the puppetcast at the beginning, how they cite their sources of information (look for the little boxes that pop up), and the discussion between a person playing Google and Yahoo and the Google Pink video at the end. I feel that this is future of HOW we will do video.

After "hacking" their code, I see this was done in Asterpix. (Kudos to Elizabeth in St. Louis for encouraging this innovation. So so cool!)

Hyperlinked video citing sources. This is so far past what I've understood or even thought about but it is WHAT I'll be doing!

See the video. (I had some trouble w/ Asterpix making my blog not load in Internet Explorer but you can go to the link.)

We will be creating a standard for how student online video should be done, in fact it is happening now. And if you're not making video online, you'll not be a part.

This is how innovation happens. Teachers point students in the direction, students run with it. Students pass teacher. Students point teachers in the direction. Teachers pass students (if the teacher is running with the pace of change.) And so on.

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