Daily Spotlight on Education 11/24/2008

  • The page documenting the students who used Google lively to teach middle schoolers about digital citizenship.

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  • This year, some of my students have used woogi world to teach fourth graders about digital citizenship. This wiki documenting their efforts is to be finished by next Tuesday. This is a great project.

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  • Emotional INtelligence Questionnaire online. Note that you'll answer about 125 questions but that to get the report, it costs $14.95 at the end - don't waste you're time if you're not going to pay for it - IT IS NOT A FREE TEST but you can see the questions they ask.

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  • Emotional Quotient - Inventory test linked to from the College admissions article.

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  • There are some GREAT books on Emotional intelligence, but Debra Sanborn, Program Director at Iowa State University, is using an emotional intelligence assessment as part of the "toolbox of assessments that she relies upon for identifying issues challening students in the first weeks of college."

    She says that EQ has an 85% predictor rate of success in college. The EQ-i assesses 5 aras: interpersonal, intrapersonal, stress management, adaptability and general mood."

    Who is using this in high school? I read a book on this to help my two kids with learning disabilities but if there is a test or profile that would help us with these kids - to develop emotional intelligence, then we should do it.

    Life success is SO MUCH MORE than test scores! Hate that we have to have a "test" to measure this one - although the result is more an indicator of a person's behavior, albeit self-reported.

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  • Edublogs has begun embedded context sensitive ads into the blog posts of its authors. I agree with Christopher Sessums, the ethics of this is very questionable, particularly if people aren't asked or given a chance to turn it off.

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  • Great post sharing 15 tutorial websites, over half of which I'd never heard of. This is a gem of a post and again tells us why we need access to things we've never heard of and how teachers and IT departments need a little more access than students to check these things out first (i.e. conditional filtration.)

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  • Interesting comments here on this photo about Google Orkut and people stealing Flickr Pictures of children - this is from 2007 but the conversation is interesting -- we want to SHARE photos but not SHARE them in inappropriate ways -- how can we license for NON ADULT use -- and doesn't "adult" have two meanings here?

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  • Estie Cuellar from Texas has a dream to take nine of her students to the conference. While many of us have raised our money from private donors, Estie is located at a school with many underserved children from families in poverty. I have pledged to do what I can to help her spread the word about her situation. She has scholarships for four of her students to pay their conference fees, however, all schools must raise money for their own airfare.

    This is a great cause and I hope that there are some people out there who believe in the vision of representing ALL of our society here in America at a conference which plans to turn conferences upside down -- working hard to give students a meaningful place alongside the educators who will be attending the leadership strand of the conference.

    Julie and I dream of writing a book to fund this conference in the future, but for now, we have to do it all the hard way ( a lot of pavement pounding and hard work.)

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