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Monday, November 10, 2008

I spy a new Microsoft OS with a GPS privacy problem

I spy has a whole new meaning with Windows 7, it seems.  According to Gizmodo today:
"Windows 7 has a new system-wide service that will offer very easily accessible geographical location services for all devices and programs. Unfortunately, their implementation seems half-baked in the security front, opening the door to privacy problems that even Microsoft program manager Alec Berntson didn't have a convincing answer for. What is worse: They don't plan to fix them for the final release."

To me, serving the public also means protecting the public and companies who do not put the privacy, safety, and security of their users ahead of profit.  And I believe that ultimately, profits will shrink for the companies that do not put these things first.

Again, it is vital to teach ethics, character, and the responsibility of taking good care of those in your charge.  Trust is a huge factor between my doctor and I and yes, the company that makes my OS as that OS guards more sensitive data by the day.

I'm not a Microsoft basher but love my PC's - but the ongoing problems with security are bothersome to me as identity theft is on the rise.  Security issues and protecting our children is so important and this is certainly something should be fixed.

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