What happens when Google kills your student project: The death of Google Lively

In my opinion, Google shutting down Lively on the heels of a major price increase over at Second Life, is a major mistake.  My students LOVE lively with Digiteen and I was just about to come out with a major recommendation on HOW to use this great tool for educators.  On their wiki, students are beginning to describe and share their work.  What are our alternatives?

We need ways to download these rooms!  My students have done amazing work!! This is really horrible -- I'm waiting for the "backlash" from my students as I just sent the email out this morning.  Just wait, we're going to talk about how to act in ways that Google MIGHT listen -- I'll keep you tuned.

I think when my students read their email this morning, I'll hear them shout all the way to Illinois!

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