Big brother is watching, but we are opening the drapes

I was done posting for the day but have spent my daily five minutes perusing Edbloggernews and came across this article: Pentagon sets its sights on Social Networking sites.

As the Pentagon funds harvesting information from social networking sites, we have more important work to do than ever. Our children are oblivious! We are planning a parent and teacher meeting about myspace and the information students post online and this will be an article that I share.

We have GOT to educate NOT insulate our students on this important issue. Students often post things tongue in cheek that they don't mean. Now, a joke with a friend may turn into an inquisition. This makes me nervous as profiles of how each of us think could possibly be built off of our online material. I am not ashamed of how I think, but who determines whether what I think is "acceptable" and how will it be used.

Big brother is watching, but we are opening the drapes. (Who is going to teach children about this if we make blogging as unmentionable as religion in public schools?)

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