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Monday, June 05, 2006

Hurrican season to bring new malware?

I came across this post on Slashdot tonight as I watch the Apprentice.

Predicting Malware: "Pseudonymous B*ard writes 'SANS has an interesting article showing how to predict what forms future malware will take. For example, last year there were many hurricane-related scams, while this year, another bad hurricane season is predicted. SANS has noticed that the scammers are gearing up for this and that many new domains with the words Alberto, Beryl, donation, and hurricane have been registered (Alberto & Beryl are the first two names on the hurricane list). The only question now is whether hackers will be able to preempt any of these scams before they have a chance to be used?'

With malware, hacking, cybercrime, spamming, spoofing, splogging, and cell phone text viruses bringing so many Internet users a sluggish Internet experience, we simply must take character education to the next level.

We need students who will go on to counteract such cyberbullies and cyberpredators to stay ahead of them. I applaud the person who noticed this trend because it shows that someone is thinking ahead.

We have spent far too much time responding to scams and far too little time preventing scams. I want to teach students with ethics who understand and become productive Internet decision makers and leaders of tomorrow.
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