Must read resource for curriculum and technology directors

While perusing Will Richardson's new project, I came across a great resource that is worth his effort of setting up his EdBloggerNews project: The School Computing Wiki by Fred Bartels.

This is a great resource on many different topics. It has a review style format with many opinions.

If you are evaluating what you are doing in the classroom right now, this is a great place to look.

If you are full of opinions and have a story to tell, also a great place for you to share. Get over there and participate and collaborate! You can teach others while your classroom is empty over the summer!

This is about teaching the world! This is about sharing the story with others and coming out of our virtual holes in the ground to work together! It is about learning from one another in the hopes that we can spur innovation on in an accelerating pace as we work more efficiently. It is about encouragement that when we do our best and use best practices that we can turn good intentions into a good education for future generations.

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