Have you posted your top ten? Inspiration from edubloggers.

As I prepare to travel again for the weekend, I have been perusing some great top 10 eduposts! (Read my top 10 eduposts for the last school year) Here are those that have been tagged or linked to my blog so I could find them:

David Warlick
The former classroom teacher, turned edu-motivational/instructional speaker who I credit with lighting my fire for the new Internet and changing my life has posted his top 10 list from the past school year. I particularly like his Act Like a Native and Flat Classrooms posts. I really think it is wise to read all of his top 10 to get some of the best in current transitional educational thinking.

A teacher's life by Lucy Gray
Lucy is a Middle School Computer Science teacher and Apple Distinguished Educator. I particularly like her post on how she used Google Earth to create a graphing activity in Excel. She also did a riff on the idea and posted her top ten eduposts from other blogs, great idea!

Extra Recess - Video Tape yourself for the best self improvement!

Over at Extra Recess, this first year career change teacher used a different format for her top ten, but the post was on how she learned about her teaching practices from a video tape that was made of her teaching. As I read, my eyes were opened to the possibilities of improving myself as I video tape and evaluate myself teaching. Rather than the often "defensive" evaluations that occur throughout the year, what if teachers were required to video tape themselves at least once or twice in each class during the school year and evaluate themselves such as she did. I think we would see marked improvements just by seeing yourself on camera. Many people are not aware that they naturally scowl or act unkindly and to view oneself makes yourself objective and not defensive at all.

Remember if you are posting to tag your post mytop10eduposts and you can be found. Go to http://www.technorati.com/search/mytop10eduposts to see what others are posting on technorati. If you don't know how to tag, learn how! It is a great way to share ideas!

Even more so, we all should take time to reflect and summarize. It gives newcomers a way to catch up on the vernacular you use in your blog with a little history from the past year. I definitely think this is a practice that I will continue as I have some introspection and reinspection of my own blogging practices.

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