A Wiki that can be the voice of edublogging

I received this exciting e-mail last night from Steve Hargadon (K-12 Open Source Blog):

I got a wild idea last night, and spent a couple of hours today working on it. http://supportblogging.wikispaces.com

If I'm duplicating someone else's effort, let me know. Otherwise, SupportBlogging! is intended to be a gathering place for the expression of support for educational blogging, with a rich array of resources for the unitiated. I put some content in today, and will continue to work on it. It could use some others contributions, as I'm more an appreciator of educational blogging than an actual participant. ;-)

The domain name www.SupportBlogging.com should start pointing to the http://supportblogging.wikispaces.com website within a day or so. If you would be willing to gather a few cohorts (teachers, parents, and especially STUDENTS) to help fill in the initial content, it seems to me we could announce the site next week and get some momentum (publicity?) for this significant technology in the face of the MySpace backlash...

He sent the invitation to David Warlick, Will Richardson, Tom Hoffman, myself , Miguel Guhlin, and Andy Carvin ( Learning.now and Waste of Bandwidth) earlier today (Sat, June 3rd) (and perhaps some Bcc's as well.)

I've spent some time on this wiki and am going to have to tear myself away to go to church. Here are some things that I added:

Great Articles on Blogs

Teacher Blogs

Cool Cat Teacher Blog - (Vicki Davis)
A Difference (Darren Kuropatwa)
Bud The Teacher (Bud Hunt)
Blog of Proximal Development (Konrad Glogowski)
Edublog Insights (Anne Davis)
Weblogg-ed (Will Richardson)
Remote Access (Clarence Fisher)
Mentor Matters (Mrs. Ris)
The Open Classrom (Jo McLeay)
edublogs (Ewan McIntosh)
The Education Wonks (Ed Wonk --
the home of The Carnival of Education)

Student Blogs

Westwood Schools - Uses classblogmeister, teacher: Vicki A Davis
PreCalcus Class - Uses blogger, teacher Darren Kuropatwa
Applied Math 40S
Pre-Cal 40S (Winter '06)
AP Calculus
Room 208 (Grade3/4 class)
Grade 7 Math Blogorama at Sargent Park
Sargent Park's Grade 8 Math Zone
Secret Life of Bees
The Write Weblog
ESL Bullying Blog
In Need of Coffee (High School Literature)
American Studies
Bud's Blogging Experiment
Excellence and Imagination (Grades 7 and 8)

I hope you'll request to join this wikispace and help in telling the message about blogging in the classroom.

I have often felt that the irrationality of DOPA is a criticism of our own society's poor education of those who are already out of school.

We must begin to collaborate and build authoritative sources of information on new technologies and their use in the classroom. We must model the behaviors we are trying to teach in the classroom. I see that David Warlick and Steve (as well as I) have been working on the wiki this morning. Won't you join in?

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