How to renew your inspiration!

Back from my vacation

I hope all of you will take time this summer to sit on a mountain or a beach or just your back porch. I've found a beautiful post with some great quotations on Presentation Zen. If you're feeling uninspired, maybe a little time off is what you need!

Automobiles are not made to run all of the time, they need their tires rotated and their engines tuned up. You do too! If you go full tilt all of the time, you are shortening your life and asking for a heart attack! Take some time to breathe.

As I read blogs, I read things that tell me "you must post every day" or "you have to have short posts," or a miscelleny of other recommendations. I honestly say I haven't followed many of them. I didn't post for a week while on vacation and had about 40 more people to subscribe to my blog. Last Friday was the heaviest day of traffic I've had since I began blogging and I hadn't posted for a week! Lighten up, your blog will be there when you come home. You might even be surprised! (I do recommend posting your top 10 before you go on vacation to give your readers something to think about!)

But it is not about the growing number of people that read this blog, I blog because it helps me think. It makes me better. It has become who I am.

I think as I share with you part of my struggle and life to educate the students I love that it might help you. I know that you edubloggers who share the same with me have made my life richer and made me a better teacher.

So take some time! Take a break from posting! Top off your tanks! Have a tune up in the solitude. Don't wait until school is ready to start to realize that you spent your summer in a flurry of worry and overactivity!

Prime your inspiration with some solitude this week!

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