Darren Kuropatwa's Class: Inspection and Introspection -- A Must read!

I love reading the blogs of other teachers and Darren Kuropatwa is one of my all time favorites. He has blogged an incredible comparison of his teaching as it has evolved over the last year and a half using blogs.

This is simply a must read. I think it is important for all of us to be reflective and share during the summer time. The day to day stuff is great but sometimes when we are in the midst of the day we cannot see the big picture.

Such big picture introspection and class inspection is important if we are to take the day to day and turn it into best practices. We must be able to examine what we do and determine what works and share it.

The world is full of good ideas but ideas that are unable to be implemented are just air.

Take time to read Darren's incredible post! I am going to work on a post modeling his style of comparison and hope others will as well.

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