Cool Tools I want to know better

Just taking a break from my binge cleaning spree of the whole house to share with a you a few tools I want to get to know better:
  • VoiceThread - This is a tool that is on my hotlist to implement in our elementary school. I also want to use it more. (The one day I was testing it, they were plagued with server problems.)
  • Google Notebook - I'm going to experiment with student notetaking and sharing in here -- we've done it in chatzy and Google Docs (I have several students who routinely group notetake in Google Docs, it is a great thing.)
  • StumbleUpon - I've been refamiliarizing myself with this old favorite lately. They've done a few things to make it more usable. I find it a great way to find new "stuff."
  • Google Reader - I'm going to work with pulling my bloglist out of google reader instead of bloglines and share the Google Shared Clips. This reader is so very useful that I've fallen in love with RSS again. (I still use netvibes and iGoogle, however, for my "power reading" I love Google Reader.)
  • Kerpoof - I've got to play with this tool. There are a lot of educators singing Kerpoof's praises right now!
  • I've got a lot of work to do on the upcoming Horizon Project and a digital citizenship class that Julie Lindsay and friends and I are working on.
Oh, and I'm excited about being on EdTechConnect this upcoming Wednesday night -- it is a free seminar that you may register for now. I've got some exciting material to share about the steps to "flatten your classroom" and some other things as well. I'm recruiting a few "backchannel moderators" so comment or twitter me if you're interested!

Back to cleaning! (I bought an 18 hour book -- I'm literally 14 hours into it -- cleaning cleaning cleaning! Long overdue!)

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