Funday Monday: Videos Edubloggers find Funny

Here ye, here ye. I proclaim this day "Funday Monday" -- do something Fun on your blog today! Here's my effort!

As part of my resolution to have more fun, while I was up LATE grading last night, I twittered asking for funny videos. Boy did I get some great ones (mostly from down under.)

I can relate to this first one because I have a teenager and 11 year old -- sometimes they go into this mood! (From melanieh on Twitter)

One of my favorite Aussies Graham Wegner passed along the following. two videos:

After laughing, I actually saw a point: Sometimes we make things way too hard and there is a simpler way. (Just ask someone who has been around a while.)

This is kind of like when I started teaching and did things the hard way and the 30 year veterans would just shake their head and drink their coffee!! ;-)

Then another Australian commercial I had never seen:

For those who spend WAYYYY too much time on the computer, you can relate to this video. (You might have to replace the word Youtube with Blog or Twitter?) (from angelesb on Twitter)

And from janning on twitter, this one which janning says points out issues with "blogging behind walls" as being like the Cone of Silence portrayed in this video:

What will you do to make Monday a Funday?

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