Funday Monday: A Few videos to make you smile

OK, everyone. I think I sense in twitter a little Monday dread coming on, so perhaps we need another Funday Monday.

This one is from Wavelength -- a great professional development drama troupe for teachers -- I saw them in Atlanta a few years a go. They are hilarious.

For the Veteran Teacher

Teacher Anger Jeopardy
I love this one!

And remember -- always greet your students and call them by name when they enter -- I believe this is important. I make eye contact with every student as they enter -- I like to stand at the door and do this.

This video is a humorous reminder. We don't need any mutant teachers out there.

OK, and if none of these work, try this... (the second clip is from my favorite old show Call for Help -- I actually saw this one happen on TV. It is sooo funny.)

Sorry for the blatant move away from education, but hey, the tension is killing me and we need a laugh sometimes.

I'll be heading up to Illinois this Wednesday -- hope to see some of you there.

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