Go Fix the Web! (A case for micropresentations)

I came across this really cool presentation that is also pretty funny. (hat tip StumbleVideo. (Don't be scared but it is about greasemonkey and firebug -- cool tools.)

It is only 3 minutes long and yet I learned SO MUCH! Please watch it.

Here are my questions:
  1. Fix it, Don't Trash IT-
    Why don't we use scripts to "fix" the sites for education instead of blocking them? (Although now it is tough and perhaps onesie-twosie, certainly we could use some sort of script to help us with this. It just shows me it is possible so I'm thinking about it.)

  2. Micropresentations
    Why don't education conferences include sessions where people just get 3 minutes and 20 slides like this -- and the slides autoadvance. I wonder how much we could smash into one presentation? How much could we cover. (And could we stand the energy?)
I think the presentation is great because it just conveys so much, it is humorous, and it is jam packed with information. What a great teacher!

But if we are to teach -- this is a method of communication we should consider: Micropresentations.

We've seen the benefits of microblogging -- it is time we looked at micropresentations! Could educators do it? Could our students do it? (Many already do but sans content.)

I'm just thinking about this fascinating idea and turning it over in my head!

What do you think of the idea of micropresentations? (And remember, six months a go, most of us thought twitter was a stupid idea too!)

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