Tell me the cell phone to buy: Stuck in Chicago-Ohare and my cell phone is MIA

Just came across happy happy apple's post on the new Google Android platform for cell phones.

This new operating system for cellular telephones seems fascinating.

Right now I'm pondering this for two reasons:
  1. I'm stuck in Chicago airport -- I arrived at 1:15 pm -- my plane is now delayed and not due to depart until around 4:30 pm CST (this blog post is on EST)
  2. My cell phone is MIA (missing in action). Stolen, lost -- who knows. I figured it out last night and my husband called the carrier this morning. As a former General manager in the cell phone business, I've NEVER lost my cell phone.

    (That doesn't count the time I flushed a pager down the toilet... it was my first job and I kept getting underwater pager noises and toilet flush messages left on my voice mail for months. That is the last time I joked, "I hate this pager, I wish I could flush it down the toilet!" -- because I did it!)
So, I cannot live without a cell phone and since I let my contract expire a full TWO YEARS a go! (I kept awaiting the perfect "phone" to ride in like a handsome prince and steal my heart!)

And I'm pondering -- not just which is the best gadget for TODAY! What will I be able to download this android software onto and use? What is expandable?

I think it is less about NOW but more about -- how mashable is it? And iPhone lovers -- I wish I could have an I-phone but AT&T service in south Georgia is as inconsistent as a bass trying to sing a Freddy Mercury ballad.

The only phone I can find thus far is a star-trek looking Alienware phone preloaded with Android. (I wonder if they influenced the name?)

However, after looking at the Android site -- it says it won't work on any phone!?

So, I guess that means I need to have a Windows OS on my phone?

So, my amazing friends... what does an expandable phone look like? One I can add too and download apps on.

I really think that is more important than having the best today. Can I mash it up? Will it be flexible for the future?

OK, if you're online -- let me know, I'm listening! (I'm not going anywhere any time soon!)

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