Horizon Project Information session next Wednesday 3pm EST

I can't believe we're already planning the Horizon Project for this year. Julie and I meet once a week (via elluminate) and discuss what needs to be improved. Wow! What a great collaboration it is for me. Really, one of the most meaningful relationships of my life is with a friend halfway around the world that I've only met once. (And such it will be for many of us who take on the role of teacherpreneur.)

If you're interested in looking at the Horizon Project for your school this year (or next), you are invited to our Horizon Project information session next week at 3 pm EST in Elluminate (it will be recorded for those of you in Asia.)

Here is the information sent out by Julie:

"Vicki and I are planning the Horizon Project 2008 and wish to invite interested people to a preliminary information sharing and discussion meeting on Wednesday next week. We understand that one meeting in one time zone will not be enough however we will make a start with this and work out other meetings, or communications as needed.

Please note our new Horizon Project 2008 Ning at http://horizonproject2008.ning.com/ You are invited to join this.

Also note our new wiki and information session page at http://horizonproject2008.wikispaces.com/Information+Session

The new Horizon Report 2008 was released last week and we are very excited to be reading this and looking at how it will inspire great projects from our students.

Leave a comment here or e-mail me at coolcatteacher [at] gmail [dot] com and I'll be happy to fill you in. At this session, we'll talk about the timelines and dates and best practices that we're discussing. We also have several things that we want to make sure teachers understand up front that will help the project run more smoothly.

So, join in.

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