Thank you Illinois IL-TCE was GREAT!

I had such a great time in Illinois. And when I lost my cell phone, my twitter friends found it!

Have talked to some people about joining some collaborations and accomplished quite a bit.

Two challenges in each session for the educators to get the most out of the sessions and conference:

1) Have a Big Three
I take one page in my conference notebook (usually the last one) and write at the top "My Big Three" -- then at EACH session I attend, I write the three things I will do within the next 7 days.

This gives me one page of action items to do. Although my notes are great, I rarely go back and read them. When I get back, I tear out the page and put the items on my planner or tack it up on my bulletin board. I can clearly look and prioritize then when I see the trends that emerge.

2) Intentional R&D List
I believe that teachers must reinvent themselves and continually keep themselves abreast of "what's new." We must move past point and click teaching and help people become self-directed learners.

So, this is a list of what I want to do "when I get a chance." I keep an intentional R&D list in my planner and go to it when I have a chance.

OK, gotta go - battery is dying and no AC!

Thanks again Illinois!

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