Help with Horizon: Do you have time to do a quick video?

We're putting out a call for help on the Horizon Project. We have deadlines fast approaching and would appreciate your help. Each video has a portion called an "outsourced video." This outsourced piece comes from another place in the world.

Ideally, this comes from the other students, but sometimes students struggle with getting these up and have technical problems. This is how you can help and learn something too.

Fulfilling an outsourced Video Request

1) Take a look at our outsourced video requests on the Wiki.
2) When you find a video you wish to sign up for, follow the instructions on this video to sign up:

Find more videos like this on Horizon Project 2008

3) Join our Ning (just let me know why you're joining and fill in the profile)
4) Film your video. (Please give the licensing and attribution information on the description. They must know who to cite and that you give them permission to use the film.)
5) Upload the video to the Ning.

Find more videos like this on Horizon Project 2008

That is it! We're trying to get these in by tomorrow or Tuesday the 13th at the latest, so we are on a tight deadline!

If you want to see how the entire process works, follow the video tutorials on this page, here is an overview of how the students will retrieve these photos. (This was designed to make the students the controller of the process - having the teachers funnel all videos created a bottleneck and there were compatibility issues.)

How they retrieve the videos

1) Install the Download Helper plug in for firefox (you must use firefox web browser for this to work.)

Find more videos like this on Horizon Project 2008

2) Retrieve the Video
A - Go to the Outsourced Video Clips page
B - Click on the hyperlink of your turned in video (which should be pasted under "received video"
C - Right click on the area outside your video and select the name of the video on the page you wish to download (it should be at the bottom of the menu.
D - Save it to your computer where you may find it (Suggestion: Make an hz08 folder)

Find more videos like this on Horizon Project 2008

3) Convert the video to a format that you may use

A- Go to and ask your teacher the file type that you will be editing. (Most PC's may edit .avi or .wmv files and most Mac's may edit .mov files.)
B- Select the file you just downloaded and e-mail it TO YOURSELF. Select the proper file type that you need.
C- Go in your e-mail and download the converted copy. You are now ready to edit it in your program

Find more videos like this on Horizon Project 2008

Why Creative Commons Licensing is important in this scenario
Yes, if you're wondering, this process may be used to "snag" just about any video on the Internet.

Once again, if it is digital, it can be taken, used, or "snagged." Teaching internal respect for copyrighted works is essential and we do this. Does this mean that some might use this improperly? Yes.

However, it is something we discuss and teach. We require citations.

Thank you for doing this -- remember to add the licensing for your work.

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