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Saturday, May 03, 2008

The "president's test" for appropriate pictures

I've been using this example for the last week and told it to someone on Thursday -- by Thursday night, they used the example (w/out giving credit) so I thought I'd go ahead and share it just to know or show that my students and I came up with this one.

My students and I were struggling with how to talk about appropriate pictures and how to determine what was appropriate. As we wrestled with the fact that two kids on one project had been kidding around and posted a photo of one girl playfully kissing another on the cheek (which girls do a lot by the way in these "photobooth shots) -- we came up with the president's test.

It goes like this:

"If you were running for president in 30 years, what would the media say about this photo?"

If the media could speak no ill of the photo, it is "appropriate" -- go ahead w/ it. But if the media could make something up or misrepresent it, it shouldn't go in ANY space ANY where. Period.

I teach my students screen shots just so they understand how easy it is to copy any photo in any place.

I'm adding the Digiteen project as one of my favorite projects -- we're all getting so much out of it. (See our ning and Wiki -- we're doing it with a class in Qatar and one in Austria.)

With digiteen, we're requiring the students to transfer their online learning into an offline "action project" where they must share with someone in their face to face world what they're doing -- they have some great action projects - my students are going to present to the elementary and middle schools 3 different 20 minute sessions.

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