Sites that Caught My Eye Today 05/04/2008

  • This teacher is fighting for "social" networking -- I left a comment that she instead fight for "educational" networking. I think that the demonization of "social networking" by our media makes this term a death sentence for one's efforts.

    Read this post and see what you think.

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  • Excellent overview by Bud the Teacher on what is happening at the National Writing project events this weekend and reflections on the areas he is wanting to learn more about.

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  • I love this post. This is how Web 2.0 spreads. I want to quote from the author:

    "Then I showed him wikispaces and the lightbulb went off. In a voice full of what I can only describe as awe, he said, and I'm paraphrasing him, "This could change the way we teach." (Cue the heavenly music).

    While I was showing him each tool, we discussed how he could integrate it into his teaching practices. I know I probably overwhelmed him, but he's excited and energetic. He left with a brand new Google account and having created his classroom wiki. That and he's vowed to share what he's learned with his fellow teachers. Here's hoping this goes viral - if at least a little."

    I love it. It is the one on one time and the lights go off. This is how it works best. we need to have more one on one time planned in order to promote change. People want the attention -- no one likes to feel like an underappreciated cog in an overworked machine.

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