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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Student Summits Today and you're invited! 10:45 AM EST and 1:40 PM EST

Find more photos like this on Horizon Project 2008

These graphics are just some of the "jpeg" files that students will take with them into elluminate today for the Westwood student summits for the 2008 Horizon Project.

Each student will present in elluminate and may take with them one graphic file. This is the photo album on the Horizon Ning of these files that I'm compiling for the event.

Today we should be presenting from around 10:45 (class starts at 10:29 but it will take a moment to get in the room) until 11:15 and again from around 1:40 until 2:10. Each student will take a moment to discuss what they've learned and we will also take questions from the "audience."

This is free and open for participation using our elluminate room. Please feel free to join us and see what the students have to say.

How do I join?
  1. Click on the elluminate link after 10:15 am EST.
  2. Follow the instructions (sometimes your IT dept has to give you permission to install the java applet.)
  3. If you want to ask questions, plug in your mike. (There is an audio set up wizard to help you do your settings under "tools.")
See you there! (Oh, and if you KNOW you're coming to either one and want to leave me a message here letting me know where you're from, the students would love for me to introduce you.)

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