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Monday, May 26, 2008

Videos from Me on Horizon, Flat Classroom, and More

Every teacher knows that the end of the school year is usually as scary as hiding under the bed with Chucky the wonder doll coming after you!

I'm a bit behind over here, however, took some time to talk with my friend Alan Levine (aka CogDog) about some of the projects that we've done recently as well as the pros and cons. (Just proof that cats and dogs can work together ;-) I'd like to share the video with you and plan to be blogging quite a bit AFTER I can get my laundry done!


Hope you're having a great memorial day!

I also find very interesting Alan's ruminations about "The Ning" -- he is right on, I think. For those of us who use Ning for class projects, The Ning and The Wiki are really The Thing -- the glue that holds us together and without which we could not function.
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