Calling all US Social Media Experts: Contribute to US Government PRocess today!

I don't usually post during the day but today I'm putting out a call to all social media mavens who work with the US government or are US citizens. (Maybe even some who aren't?)

Today is the last day to edit the Open Government Intiative Wiki and I'll say the current editing is paltry at best. This should have thousands of edits, for goodness sakes. I'm finding a lot of people who don't really understand wikis, but good for them, at least they are trying.

My students and I have contributed - my students were surprised to see the wiki creator didn't really get the use of headings and some other protocols, so they "fixed the government's website.'

My call to you is that this is the LAST DAY! I don't have any more time to contribute but

"Step 4: Synthensizing Public Input and Returning Feedback" is just pitiful! We need to give some response. They are asking because they want to know!!

The first time the government has done something like this and asked for input to have us help respond and we can't do better than this. 

So, my call is this -if you "do" social media and you are in the US, get up off your keister, change your schedule and spend 15-20 minutes editing TODAY. THIS IS IMPORTANT but such things will not be in our future unless we can do better.

It is time to stop talking about what government should be and be the kind of citizens our government needs. Please RT, engage your network and EDIT for goodness sakes!

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