What the World Needs Now

Just got this email from Julie Lindsay with a list of schools coming to the Flat Classroom Conference in Beijing the end of February. This is very exciting!

  • Changchun American International School
  • Guangzhou Nanhu International School
  • RDFZ Xishan School
  • International Academy of Beijing
  • Hua Shi Yi Fu Zhong High School
  • Tsinghua High International School
  • Yokohama International School, Japan
  • International School Beijing
  • Gyeonggi Suwon International School, Korea
  • Western Academy Beijing
  • Beijing City International School
  • Beijing Normal University
  • University of Nothern Iowa, USA
  • Livingston American School, China
  • Al-Azhar Islamic Senior High School, Indonesia
  • Dalian Maple Leaf Foreign Nationals School
  • American International School of Guangzhou
  • Dulwich College Beijing
  • Kaohsiung American School, Taiwan
  • Shanghai American School
  • British School of Beijing -Shunyi Campus
  • International School of Tianjin
  • International School Yangon, Myanmar
  • Cebu International School, Philippines
  • Nanjing International School
  • British School of Beijing
  • The Illawarra Grammar School, Woolongong, Australia
  • Nishimachi International School, Japan
  • Stonehill International School, Bangalore, India
  • International School Bangkok, Thailand
  • Shekou International School
  • Yew Chung Intern. Beijing
  • Harrow International School Beijing
  • St Andrew's Cathedral School, Sydney, Australia
  • Westwood Schools, Georgia, USA
  • Minerva Special Needs School, Australia
  • Kristin School, Auckland, NZ
  • Vientiane International School, Laos
  • Teda International School
  • St. Michael's International School, Japan
  • Osama Bin Zaid School, Oman
  • Senri Osaka International School, Japan 
 There are many schools that understand that what their students need now is not only a world class education where the students know math, literature, writing, reading but also that students need to know this whole new subset of communication skills: technopersonal skills. More than that, they need to know how to relate and work with one another and that we need to have our students working together and co-creating with one another on an ongoing basis.

Our students need so much but they also need each other. They have an uncanny desire to relate. Let's social-network their learning in powerful ways.

I believe that those coming understand that the world is changing and they want to be part of it. In fact, so many of the schools coming are coming because of Twitter, Blogging, and Social networking. Pretty much all of the speakers involved came in to the program through our network.

Project based conferencing as we do it with very very short speeches (when they are given - we call them Flat Learning Action Talks or FLATs) and several projects that run through the conference is still a somewhat "experimental" method of conferencing in the eyes of many. But for those who have seen it in action it is tremendously powerful and transformational.

Wish you call could come - meanwhile, feel free to join the Conference Network and participate virtually. We'll send out instructions through the Ning.

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