eBook Revolution (btw Tons of Free Educational Books in Kindle Store Today)

Behind the scenes, ebooks are gaining steam. I gave the assigned book for my marketing class and had a student ask me if she "is allowed to get it on her kindle."  We have at least 10 students with them and many more who want them.

The literature teacher today told me that she was concerned about students keeping up but that one student used it for the Great Gatsby today with no problem keeping up and she was pleased. She's thinking about using Kindle on her ipad and marking her highlights and then using the Kindle on her PC to show on the board her notes and highlights instead of having to read them out.

Another reason: Free "stuff"

Over 130 free books from Kaplan for a limited time! Perusing my favorite "kindle freebie" blog, Kindle Nation Daily, I found tons of free educational books out today from classroom management to grammar to some killer Kaplan study guides for about every test and subject. There is also one for kids looking at going to college.  Most of these are free for a limited time, so you've gotta act now.

To me, it is worth the 99 cents a month I pay for Kindle nation daily as I've gotten some great books that shortly go up to $17 or more and I would have wanted to buy them anyway. I keep them in collections but they are also incredibly searchable for when I'm researching a topic.

So, you don't have a kindle - well, download it onto your computer (ipad, or cell phone or whatever) - you can still get these books.  If Kindle's aren't standard, the apps should certainly be standard on your teacher computers!

Besides this free stuff today, the ebook revolution is here - the teachers here are ready, the students are ready - and usually when it hits here it is a sign of what the masses want to do. So, publishers - beware - ebook or die. And the rest of us - let's figure this out and understand the easiest ways to do this.

A free Freebies of note:
By: Katie Malachuk

By: Lisa Medoff


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