Daily Education & Technology News for Schools 01/21/2011

  • Some requests for proposals asked for for this:
    "I’m writing to let you know that the Next Generation Learning Challenges is releasing its second wave of a series of RFPs to solicit proposals for technology applications that can improve college readiness for 7th through 9th grade students. Specifically, this second wave will focus on next generation approaches to learning aligned with the Common Core State Standards, as well as next generation assessments."

    Just wanted you to know.

    tags: education grant

  • Everyone has been asking me how to publish your blog on the Kindle. I would write a blog post but really, the instructions on this page make it simple. Schools should also be publishing news blogs for a subscription - it would be a great model!

    tags: education learning blogging publishing ebook

  • You can now save your livescribe notes to Evernote. It captures the audio and the text for taking your notes.

    tags: education learning productivity

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