Tech Tip: Google Tasks

I'm working towards a much better working model of list making, etc. I'm not ready to share a lot of it yet, but there is one aspect that is helping me a lot.

On my "habit list" that I keep in my Home Routines app, I have "inbox zero" on my list and also "check email tasks." In email, I have several contextual task lists that I keep. As I"m reading email, I add the emails to the appropriate list by clicking Shift + T.

There is also a little known tasks canvas that lets you see the tasks away from email - .

This is extremely useful when you need a little faster retrieval than a google search and also keeps your email task list HANDY in context - IN EMAIL. I use it for nothing but email tasks but find it very helpful for being organized.

Don't be confused - task lists is not my only list - but I'm finding it helpful to have contextual lists and then ROUTINES I follow to send me to those lists. IF it is vital it goes in my paper planner. 

Google just announced the five most requested items for Google Tasks which (according to Mashable) are:

  • 1. A Tasks API and synchronization
  • 2. Reminders and notifications
  • 3. Recurring tasks
  • 4. Shareable task lists
  • 5. Visual distinction for overdue tasks
 We'll see on these updates, as for me, I'm perfectly happy helping it corral my email problem. Those ponies just run all over me sometimes!

Google Tasks and my recent purchase of MailWasher Pro have helped considerably.

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