Happy New Year!

Here is wishing you a happy wonderful 2011! I'm on a self-imposed Twitter and blog fast / restriction as I continue on this book deadline at 1:23 am in the morning on January 1, 2011, but I did want to momentarily end my fast as I swig another slurp of delicious fresh ground coffee and wipe the fat free Rediwhip on the sleeve of this trusty gray sweatshirt to tell you Happy New Year!

...if you decide this year that you're going to learn some new things and that you are going to share the process with others.

...if you decide you can be real and not some fluffy poser who pretends your life is perfect.

...if you decide that you want to engage with others and talk about the things that mean something to you, you might end up one new year's day like me.

A budding book author with lots of dreams and a bloodstream at least 20% caffeine as you crank out your first book while people in times square kiss and your son plays Xbox live in the den.

You Can't Imagine
The network can change your life in ways that you cannot imagine.

Because we no longer need some publishing company or some movie house or some famous person to discover us. We can, quite simply, discover each other and when we do. When we subscribe, when we follow, when we friend, we are telling the world - hey this person should be listened to.

And if enough people listen, then the publishers and "famous people" listen.

What 2011 means to me.
So, it is appropriate for this to be 2011. Because really I like how the 11 look on the end of it.  It looks like you and me. Friends, standing beside each other beside a big globe.  And what is that at the beginning -- what does the 2 look like?

Well, I'll leave that to your imagination but to me, the 2 means "To" --

2011 = To look at the world as people living and working side by side. People who can make a difference together to change the world.

Oh what a difference a year can make. Get out here friends. Tweet. Blog. Share. Be Real. It might just make 2011 one to watch!

Happy New Year.

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