Congratulations Clairview School winner of 5 m90 z touch screen computers!

It is so touching when others benefit from this blog. I just found out that one of your submissions on this blog has won the 5 m90z touch computers! Congratulations, Clairview school!!

I will watch what they do because I think that touch screens have huge benefits for those who benefit from the bodily kinesthetic and multisensory aspect of touch screens! Love my m90z (I have one on long term loan as part of their program.)

Recipient: Clairview School
Locale: Greensburg, PA
Submitted by: Vicki Davis, (
Back story: Westmoreland Intermediate Unit's Clairview School offers a range of learning experiences that build upon the strengths of each student and offers a caring, supportive atmosphere to learn skills needed for independence. We are a school for students with special needs; we service students with physical and mental disabilities, so these touch screens would be wonderful for the students to access the computer. Our website is here: http://www.wiu.k12.p...ite/

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