Build the affordable, usable laptop lab: What would you do?

When I needed a dream computer lab -- I asked and you planned it. So, now I'm looking to propose a dream laptop lab. The only problem is, the budget is very limited.

Is it possible to have an effective, working laptop lab with 20-25 computers -- a projector and printer for less than $30,000 -- or less than $20,000?

What do you think?

I hope that my friend Steve Hargadon (who has linux working nicely on his laptops) and other open source experts will help give insight to an easy to use laptop lab arrangement that also doesn't break the bank.

So, as I did last time, I've opened up the Westwood Tech Plan wiki to your editing. Ask to join, let me know who you are and edit away! As always, you can comment here and as always the answers will be shared.

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