Ok, so what do we call it if not Backchannel Bouncer

The ustream/ backchannel work in the sessions last week far exceeded my expectations (see Diane Hammond's kind post.) I used a ustream for audio (and a little vid if they wanted to see me) -- and a Google presentation. (See my wiki for more info.) Before the session started, I went live with the ustream, greeted the guests, and then began!

What's in a name?

So, here is the question -- what should we call the person (or people) assigned to monitor the backchannel. Several of you have commented that you just hate the term "backchannel bouncer" -- I hate the term "Google jockey" as noted in the Wikipedia article about the backchannel.

It needs to convey a person who is helpful but also is responsible for overseeing the environment in the backchannel as well as "bouncing back" what is happening in there to the speaker. In fact, in the blogging session, Cheryl Oakes AND Michael Richards played this role.

I want to appoint this person in my classroom every time we do a google pres.

Asking the Backchannel

I stopped at several predetermined points and said
"What is the backchannel saying right now?"

And if there were any important questions they couldn't answer, they asked me.

I'll never present again without a backchannel. It is just way way too useful. (again see Diane's thoughts, I echo her sentiments.)

So before we go too viral with a term most people seem to hate -- what are your suggestions for what we call it?

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