Google Maps tracking California Fires

Knowing how to use Google maps can save your life.

This article about how a Google map is being used to track the fires in San Diego and the fact that life radio streaming coverage is being used shows me just how far things have come.

These things aren't just gadgets, they are life saving. They are important.

They are part of being able to function in the world.

To be literate.

To survive.

The digital divide grows larger as we increasingly depend on these mashups of our lives, tragedies, loves, and losses.

This is part of being human.

Are we helping students survive in an online world? I had a former student come back last weekend and tell me she missed my lab most. Her new school has a great computer lab but the teacher won't let them on the Internet b/c she is afraid they'll get a virus.

Instead, what are they getting? They are getting "bubble boy" syndrome. Raise a kid in a bubble and he has no immunity, no resistance, no ability to live in the real world.

These things are important

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