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I enjoy reading Guy Kawasaki -- maybe it is my b-school training (from before I turned teacher) that brings me back.

If you're trying to understand Twitter, Guy has a great post with Chris Brogan from Podcamp where he asks about twitter.

Here is my favorite quote from the interview:

Question: When I go to the Twitter home page there’s nothing but tweets about people’s cats, people waking up, people going to sleep, and tweets in other languages—what do I care about this crap?

Answer: The Twitter public feed is only interesting in the sense of thinking, “Wow, even with a big group of connections on Twitter, there’s these other several thousand people I have no idea about doing their own thing.” This almost immediately gets boring. Don’t care about it. Twitter is about you and your connections. It’s a tool that requires you to refine a bit.

And Chris is so right. The people who don't "get" twitter need to add some great folks into their Twitter feed. I learned about the Virginia Tech shootings via twitter and much of my current news is from there. Sure, I don't have time to twit that often, but when I'm there it is a very rich read. In fact, I hit twitter before I read my RSS reader -- just to "catch up" and see what is going on.

If you're following the trends in social media, it is a must read.
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