K12 Online Keynote is Up now!

Twenty seconds a go the K12 online keynote by David Warlick went up. How do I know -- k12 online twittered it.

You can watch it online however it is 93 MB so you should probably right click and download it. (Justright click those words and click download.)

Also there is a backchannel chat conversation that you can log into and comment for the next 24-48 hours. I strongly encourage this as it is part of connecting!

I've got staff development this morning but I want to listen to this!! Oh goodness!

Blog it, share it. Discuss it. And prepare to meet new people, that is the most important part about these conferences.

I'm preparing to live breathe and learn k12 online. Take a look at the schedule. Are you going to join in?

Oh, and remember to use the correct tags to blog about sessions.

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