Burmese Hunting Down Bloggers

I am moved to tears thinking of the Burmese Bloggers who are hiding for their lives, thank you to Marshall K for pointing this out.

He reports:

"Despite the extensive repression, protests in Burma continue and a handful of bloggers remain active in reporting events to the world online. The US-based Committee to Protect Bloggers is tracking the situation closely and reports that a blogger posting under the name Niknayman appears to be the only one still posting from inside the country. Another, under the name Ko-Htike, is posting from London whenever information is able to escape from Burma."

Although Cbox doesn't allow RSS - Marshall in true programming style has "scraped" the feed and given one that we can follow: http://feeds.feedburner.com/NewsBloggedFromBurma.

And as am drawn to the Blog Burmese Bloggers without borders, I'm moved to tears with the post from the Heart of an Ordinary Blogger.

"As a blogger, having only words on my hand, I honestly feel rather useless at this moment. But I must never give up. Whatever I can give, I will give. I must continue for the sake of Burma's freedom. "

We are living at a pivotal moment in history. A moment when our writings can rival that of those of old who had printing presses to share their writings of revolution and freedom -- our printing press is called a blog and everyone can write one. We must not underestimate the power of the pen -- or in this case, the keyboard.

I'm going to follow this and also point out the article from Marshall that really spells out in lurid detail what is happening in Burma.

We have teachers afraid to speak out for losing their jobs and in Burma, you have bloggers who are afraid for their lives and yet they still write.

Let me ask you -- in the face of grave injustice, would you keep blogging? Are you willing to speak out to right the wrongs to bring attention to the problems? For truly, although many of us have freedom of speech, we don't have it because we don't use it or perhaps we are afraid to.

My thoughts and prayers are with those fighting for freedom amidst darkening hope. What can you do? Speak out, point it out. Mention what is happening. And tag it "Burma" so that the news media services that read technorati will see loud and clear that there are many of us bothered by it.

And exercise your freedom of speech to point out those wrongs that must be righted.

A lot to think about.

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